Did I mention the weather?

Today was fucking hot. As I writer, I should probably put that more eloquently like

               Today the air was passionately ablaze. The young, dark haired woman had to restrain herself with all her might, lest she look into the sun directly, challenging it for its dubious rays. These rays, usually soothing and warm upon her skin, now collected on the pavement and returned to her in a waft of unforgiving heat, as if to say: You will not survive here.

I could say that, but really:

               today was fucking hot.

This probably contributed to the overall weirdness of the day. An older man who resembled Santa Clause appeared to be very interested in what I was saying but was really just waiting for his moment to creepily ask me out on a date. “Why don’t we discuss this more over some hot cocoa?” The man was seriously working the Kris Kringle thing for all that it was worth. Still, he probably would have been better off trying to tempt me with a smoothie or some iced coffee; even Brad Pitt wouldn’t have been able to sell me on cocoa if he tried. As I said, it was fucking hot.

One cool thing that did come up today, though, was the question of: If you had a time machine, what moment and place would you travel back to? I used to have to think on this question for a long time to feel solid with my decision, but today I knew two answers right away. What would your answer be? Think about it and I’ll tell you mine tomorrow when I can really give my explanations some justice. I’ve got to be honest though, after a long day at work I’m really read to start drinking. There’s a tall glass of ice water waiting for me in the kitchen, and I’m about to be all over it.


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