Catch up time w/ Grimes

It’s been a long but interesting week. Earlier this morning I noticed that the tips of my hair are starting to turn blonde, which they haven’t done since I was a child. Hurrah for having a job where I stand outside a lot. I’m actually happy to see these little bits of sun-blonde return as they are kind of sexy. In addition to getting to be outside, I’m also enjoying how interactive my job is. On Thursday I was working in Culver City. I got a bunch of hugs from strangers and a bag of vegan chocolate chip cookies from this hari-krishna looking guy who thanked me for my work helping to protect the environment. I did get into one very heated conversation though, with a cynical man who claimed that the world is already completely doomed. He basically described the future to me as being some sort of zombie apocalypse wherein whoever has the most guns and water wins. I had to admit that his argument had merits, so we ended our conversation with an amicable handshake. Only, when he went to shake my hand he had trouble finding it and explained to me that he was largely blind. It took me about five minutes before I thought “wait, did this guy just say that he has 12 guns?” to which my brain then responded  with an I Love Lucy style “eeewhhhh.”

Somehow I don't think this is what he meant by The Apocalypse, but I can dream right?

Friday was an even more amusing time because I was out in West Hollywood. I got asked out on a total of 5 dates and was pretty much distracted the whole day by the flood of attractive people walking by me. My favorite, err most memorable three suitors included a handsome but greasy looking business man, a gangster wannabe, and a homeless man with no teeth. I only wish I had the confidence of these men when it came to asking out strangers that I’m potentially interested in. Right now I’m not particularly trying to date, but I am hereby giving myself this challenge: when I do decide to date, I am going to ask out three guys who at first glance I might feel are “out of my league” and see how it goes. I never really think about it like this, but dating, just like anything else, really is a numbers game at least when it comes to gathering the initial pool of contestants. Anyways, we’ll save this little idea for another time to come. Less flattering experiences on Friday included a gang of Italian men who decided to post up at my spot for five minutes shouting “Bella! Bella!” obnoxiously, and a man asking me several times if I was a “real woman” or “mostly a real woman.” Uh, how do you want me to answer this sir… and should I be offended??

Driving out to Malibu for work, beautiful rainclouds overhead.

On another note, I went to Amoeba recently and picked up a CD they were playing– “Visions” by Grimes. So far I’ve only listened to the CD once or twice in my car but I’m digging these chill sounds. I usually hate this sort of floaty music where I can’t understand the lyrics, but I find that Grimes’ version of ethereal has got an aggressive punch to it– and it works. Also this album has been great for reducing my L.A. road rage. Listening to The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” three times in a row while stuck on the 405 probably isn’t doing great things to my blood pressure. Good thing I now have an Rx for Grimes.

And in travel news, I recently received my passport in the mail. Other than the horrendous photo that will now be mine for the next ten years, I’m thrilled! Now if I meet a gorgeous, rich businessman who wants to fly me out Tokyo for the weekend I can actually go. Seriously, I was SO bummed the last three times this happened and I had to say no… Also, I plan on applying for my Australia visa tomorrow and possibly, if I’m ambitious, I’ll buy a plane ticket in the next few weeks. Right now I’ve just got to gather enough ambition to go make myself a cup of coffee. Nyx has doggie school in about an hour. We didn’t do our homework, woops. Wish us luck.


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