The Visa and the Beast

Travel Update:

So I have officially sold my Coachella 2012 pass. I passed it on to a really nice girl named Kat who almost cried when she got it. I used the money back to pay for my visa to Australia– which has been approved!! Suddenly things feel much more real. Passport – check. Visa – check. I can’t imagine how “real” things are going to feel when I buy my plane ticket! My tummy hurts in an excited sort of way :}.

Additionally I’ve got to figure out lodging for when I get to Sydney. That is a bit daunting. I’m already imagining my lovely hostel, crowded with drunken strangers from all over the world; making friends and simultaneously hoping none of them are thieves… But even more daunting is the task of deciding what I am going to do with my hair. I want to be able to jump into the ocean with no reservations, but that is a bit difficult when water turns my hair into a giant frizzball that takes 3 hours and loads of equipment to restyle. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: My Afro

Yes, that really is me. Many many years ago, of course. My hair is significantly shorter now but nonetheless it can still be rather beastly. People tell me all the time that I should go natural and rock an afro. I think afros are beautiful on many women but my usual response is “Would you want that much hair on your head on a hot day?” Also, afros require care and styling as well. I prefer it short and sleek as I have it now.

Anyways I am getting a haircut today so I’ll ask my guy what he thinks. I refuse to get braids. I fear the answer may be wigs…


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